tampa Sessions facebook live concert

This is a full hour of my original music, recorded and streamed live at Tampa Sessions.

Just The Way You Are, Live At Common Grounds

There are many loves in my life, but I always find I gravitate most to those that are most beautiful in their simplicity and require no gilding for that simple beauty to be eminent.  

Win Or Learn, Live At Southie Coffee

We live in a culture that often fails to see that there is another option to the duality of either winning or losing. Whether we "win" or "lose" we should always learn.

A Beautiful friendship

Standards like "A Beautiful Friendship", arranged by my teacher, Frank Mullen, in this chord melody style represent for me the epitome of what it means to be a guitarist. It is when I have these lush arrangements under my fingers that I feel most like a musician.

spanish romance

To have at my fingertips, music composed decades or even centuries ago, that I can bring back to life in the present makes me feel a bit as though I have magical powers.  

Live At Common Ground Meeting hall, North Port, FL

Sharing some of my more personal songs from my larger body of work, for an audience that has come not just to listen, but to hear, is all a musician can ask for. Enjoy this set.


I Don't Ask For Much

Much of this song is apocryphal, much of it is not. I'll leave it up to you to decide which is which.

Half Way To All Right

This video was recorded at The One Stop in Asheville, NC for the Brown Bag Songwriter's Competition.

Original words and music by Max Watson