Musicianship. Curated words. Honest voice. Lyrical imagery. 

Music to be listened to in environments created for listening.


Blowing The Leaves Away

Highlighting, the broad spectrum of musical genres in which I write original music, this is one of my new songs about two people who finally find their way to joy when they give in to the obvious. Shot on location at Southie Coffee, in Clearwater, FLorida, by Dylen Terflinger of The Ghost Motel.

Me and my music

If coming to live one's personal passion can be called a journey, then Max Watson's music resonates with every step he has taken along his personal, musical path.

Beginning a formally trained guitar student by the late, and legendary Frank Mullen in the disciplines of jazz and classical guitar, Max Watson's poetic and evocative lyrics are supported by guitar stylings appreciated by both instrumentalists, and listeners alike. 

Max doesn't just tell stories with his music, he has been called a "word-smith" by those who still retain a love for language. Max sculpts musical poetry, selecting words, not as one who writes, but as one who curates. His lyrical motifs are thoughtfully layered, and intertwined in the manner of a painter laying colors on a canvas. His songs are a molding of imagery, and turn-of-phrase, unique in ways that invite every listener into the song-space, while allowing each person room for her or his own interpretation.

Max easily moves from simple three-chord, folk-style tunes into styles more reminiscent of the standards of old. He can move from the darker corners of the color palate with droning melancholy, only to revive the listener with lyrics that elevate the heart without empty platitudes, or trite cliches. 

Max Watson's music is a delight to the listener, regardless of age, gender, musical preference, or any other barrier we use try to identify ourselves to others through musical choice. Adding his tracks to your music library will never be disappointing.  

If We Be Friends

5th Place - Will McLean Florida Songwriter Contest

I wrote this song for the Will McLean Florida Songwriter Contest. It placed fifth.
The song describes the culture and history of the Florida Cracker Cowboy, from the time Florida was under the Spanish, through the Civil War, and into modern times. At the same time, it is a song about longing, and f